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The Circus visits your city, I lives in mine….

Circus IN LA The circus visits your city, it lives in mine. #LOS ANGELES Click to watch!  


Im not in Indonesia I am in Hyrule…

My Globetrotter Tour has brought me to Indonesia, a beautiful country with amazing food and people. AND THEN IT DAWNED ON ME…   Im in a country where the currency is called a #RUPEE, and there is an actual chance of me Saving a #PRINCESS from a a#DRAGON..  I’m not in Indonesia, I’m in #HYRULE   I’m definitely living a fantasy here, people.   Cheers, -Link Ashlocke    


GlobeTrotter show on Jon Lovitz Comedy Network surpass 50,000 Views!

My show, “GlobeTrotter” has now surpassed 50,000 Views on the Jon Lovitz Comedy Network. In celebration. Here is the 1,000,000.98$ Commercial. VIEW COMMERCIAL WITH A CLICK OF THESE WORDS. Every Sunday at 8pm (US Pacific Standard Time) JON LOVITZ NETWORK GLOBETROTTER PROGRAM     Thanks!    


Globetrotter Tour KICKS OFF with a LIVE VIDEO CHAT- TONIGHT 8pm PST Thats where you can Tune in tonight at 7pm US PST (9pm Midwest) (11pm New York) (2am Scotland) (11am Singapore) and so on…   Great News! Tonight is the FIRST LIVE VIDEO CHAT of my #GlobeTrotterTour- It starts at 8pm Pacific Time. (Broadcast WORLDWIDE.) ****And here is the News I’ve been keeping a secret.. (Unless you tuned in to Irish National Radio last week with Ann Marie Lewis and got the insidescoop)***** Happy to announce that The Jon…


Drinking Problem with SUPERNAKED

Check out my interview with Lee Miles of the Band SUPERNAKED..   CLICK HERE :  DRINKING PROBLEM WITH SUPERNAKED   Watch, Like, Enjoy, Share.. =)


Gadget/Tech Gear for Globetrotter Tour (Video)

7 days before I leave on the adventure of a lifetime. #Globetrotter Tour will see me in several different countries having the adventure of a lifetime. Live Video chats Weekly! Follow here on or our Facebook Event page CLICK HERE Here is a video of the gadgets and tech gear I have so far. (Still working on an Audio Recorder, SAT Phone, and GoPro w/ accessories) So another video will come soon. But until…


Tremors 5 & Back To The Future ReBoot** THOUGHTS?

Every morning I wake up and prepare my mental palette for things such as a BACK TO THE FUTURE REBOOT and Tremors part 5, not to mention, you KNOW they are going to do a BloodSport ReBoot and another Friday the 13th. IF they didn’t id fall over backwards. Movies like Tremors and Friday the 13th are iconic. Fan clubs that consist of more than your three buddies from your neighborhood. We’re Talking Millions of…


Giants in Those Days- Genesis 6

Looking around I’ve found some more interesting proof of “giants”. I’m not sure why I put the word, giant, in parenthesis because they were actually.. GIANT. I just ordered a book called, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up,  and I am excited about getting it before my big trip so I have something to read on the plane. I’ve also ordered a book called, The TRUE Disciples of the Modern…


Fight Club 2 Coming in 2015?

    WHEN is enough enough? Can you get TOO much of a good thing? Will it be at least EQUAL to the amazement of the original Fight Club? These are all questions I have to ask myself when I hear things like, “FIGHT CLUB is making a sequel” I’m sorry, what? Yes. Indeed. Here is what writer, Chuck Palahnuik, has to say- “Fight Club 2 takes place alternately in the future and the past.…


#GLOBETROTTER Tour- Around The Block Before Around The World” Video Test

Hello all, This is my first video even though its technically a video test on my camera. Just trying to figure out how to upload to my website so i am unedited by youTube. Anywho, This is me. Walking around my block in Hollywood, CA. Around the Block before Around the World   Does it work?