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This week, I’m LIVE at Comedy Palace in San Diego!

Come out to The Comedy Palace in San Diego, CA this week (May 21-23) ill be performing with Tamer Kattan, Caitlin Comesky, and Zach Miller. Visit  for tickets!


Tonight, 5/16, Making an Appearance on FOX- The Mystery Hour

The Mystery Hour PROMO S4 Ep80A – Luke Ashlocke Click There for the video!


May 2nd Appearance on The Mystery Hour TUNE IN!

Tune in on May 2nd to watch my appearance on the hit show, The Mystery Hour. Ill be with Jeff Houghton, founder, writer, and producer of the show. Jeff tells me ill be involved in skits, a stand up performance, and an interview. We shoot live so if you want tickets to the show, please visit   HERE  to see their official website. This is my 3rd Tv Appearance for stand up! A monument to…


Who’s gay now, mom?

lukeashlockeweather 4-4-15_track1 Watch this…  


May 2nd 2015, Tv Spot

Hey gang, Tune in on May 2nd for my appearance on the hit show, The Mystery Hour. I make an appearance with Doug Pitt, the brother to Brad Pitt. More details to come.


Who’s gay now, mom?

  lukeashlockeweather 4-4-15_track1  <—- Click Here or… CLICK HERE.. or here.. Weatherman



I don’t always pull pranks, but when I do, I could go to jail.    Anyone else? Who’s with me?   Had this bumper sticker in my car for nearly 8 months, not sure who’s seen it in there? (Mom?) Either way, bought it to pull a prank on a friend and then forgot about it. 8 months later it resurfaces while Im cleaning out my car (Guess I don’t clean my car that often)…


Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Who Wins? Part 1 – Common Opponents

So we finally have the fight we’ve been waiting for. #MannyPacquiao will face off against #FloydMayweather for the #WBO, #WBA, and #WBC belts, not to mention the baddest man on the planet title. Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather  is without doubt the single most anticipated boxing match of all time. So the question on everyones mind is, who wins? To find this out we must take a look at a few things, one being their common opponents.…


Stoned and Starving? Here is why:

Greasy burgers, oily pizza, raw cookie dough – anything’s fair game for someone with the munchies, the insatiable hunger that strikes marijuana users. Now scientists have identified a surprise new brain circuit behind the pot-fueled snack attacks. The munchies are triggered in part by brain cells that normally turn down appetite, according to a new study in this week’s Nature. Under the influence of pot, these cells switch from saying “don’t eat, don’t eat” to…


Social Media? Si.

Ive been getting a lot of questions about where to follow me on #SocialMedia Who you ask? The owner of this website- #LukeAshlocke So here is a list of Social Media sites and links to each, ill also include a link to my #RecordLabel and #Management so you can contact me if need be, also, there is a contact page on this site as well. To read some funny articles i write periodically, CLICK HERE or…