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Alien Beings (Proof)

Thanks to the producers of the hit documentary on Netflix​, Sirius Disclosure​ (Titled “Sirius” on Netflix.) for sending me these astonishing pics of the 6 inch being found perfectly preserved in the deserts of South America. Notice his features. After the research was done this alien being was found to be 97% human. Which is amazing because blades of grass are more alike to human #DNA than this little guy. Which leads us to believe…


Suicide Squad SPOILERS

Guys, easy! Using IMDB, Suicide Squad Graphic Novels,  and DC Universe Online I have figured out who the villain is.  Read any FURTHER and get MAJOR SPOILERS: This is your warning! Ok, here we go. the Cast List on IMDB has a couple of names that seem to conspicuous to not be heroes or villains in the DC Universe. #DexterTolliver and #Incubus aka #LawrenceEden So I looked them up, They both show up in a Suicide Squad…


Tinder dates beware.

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More fun with Tinder.

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Dear Twitter,

Dear Twitter, its time we @Verified the brilliant, @AshlockeTweets! #VerifyLuke    


No Rando’s before Batman V Superman.

Here is what not to do before you see ‪#‎BatmanVSuperman‬ don’t read random bloggers personal opinions. I went in after reading a couple of bad reviews and started agreeing with some rando.. “Yeah that scene was a bit rushed” etc etc. but when I just quit listening to the nonsense I read, and started enjoying the movie as a man watching a freaking Bad A** Superhero Movie!!! …It was 100% fantastic. Wonder Woman. Honestly I didn’t care…


Anniversary of my birth.

Today i begin my 34th year on this earth. I dont celebrate birthdays but I do take the time to appreciate one of my heroes- my mom! Through extreme poverty and odds being stacked against us, we made it out alive. Not just alive, but well. A funny thing about my mom… And a look at how we all love people differently. The last time I saw her she was concerned that something was wrong…


Midget Wrestling. (1st Night in Manilla)

Last night we enter the Ringside Midget Boxing here in Manilla, Philippines. “Lets just go for a pint,” Matt suggests. Unanimously, everyone agrees. We cant help it, were so curios. Upon arrival, I meet some of the fighters. Im chatting with them about their records and such. They dont seem to understand English. Outside of the boxers I’m suddenly surrounded by women. Tons. Of. Women. The best part of the Philippines so far is that…


If you cover your ears you can’t hear the haters, Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump might be a bit confused. This morning in a tweet @RealDonaldTrump tweeted this:         Causing most to wonder, Is Donald Trump geographically retarded? I personally think he was just running out of room for words and substituted his punctuation to make up lack of space.. But thats because I have the same problem when it comes to tweets. I’m long winded i.e. talk a lot and type a lot too.…