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MTV’s “TEEN MOM” just started sucking worse…

Farrah Abraham, star of MTV’s Teen Mom ends up in the emergency room after a botched lip implant surgery. And just when we thought MTV’s Teen Mom couldn’t suck any worse…   Farrah Abraham of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ recently exposed the results of her lip surgery to the public, and the results are downright frightening as she now looks JUST like she posses for in selfless. Using her Twitter account, Abraham revealed the lip procedure which resulted…


Horse Sex, the gateway drug to Marijuana?

Jeremy Johnson of Wasau, WI. plead guilty to performing oral sex on a horse and possession of marijuana in court today. Proving that Wisconsin’s “Just Say Neigh” campaign isn’t working. I remember when ‪#‎marijuana‬ was a gateway drug to oxycontin, but when did horse sex become the gateway to marijuana?


Comedy Net-worth

Comedy NetWorth. What is yours? I am figuring out that your net worth in comedy is how many people you can attract. For instance, I have a social network reach of 7,000 via Facebook, 8,400 via Twitter, 670 Unique hits per month on my website, 201 subscribers on YouTube (total video plays are 125,000+), other social sites i have accumulate 1,000 viewers regularly, & a reach of 350 via email. This is how clubs and…


Converge Media and I have teamed up for some Major Content!!!

Great News Everyone! I am teamed up with Converge Media Group in New York to bring you tons of content! (Converge Media is known for Curb Your Enthusiasm,, The Smurfs, Last Comic Standing, and TONS MORE!!) Movies, Television, Online, and Live. Converge Media is one of the BEST Production, Management, and Talent companies in New York. I am honored and proud to be a part of the team. Get ready 2014 and beyond… were flying…



As a comedian, I deal with things through humor. This is me, dealing with those ISIS b*tches. *****BEWM*****   CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO  


Cursing Someone Out With NO Curse words!

Ever wanted to curse someone out without using curse words? Here is your step by step guide.   Cursing without Curse words ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Watch the video here.


International Travel: Rangoon Bathroom

This year I visited 9 different countries on my world comedy tour. (The Globetrotter Comedy Tour) It was an amazing experience and also an eye opening one. For instance, in Rangoon, you don’t necessarily have to crap INTO a toilet, apparently anywhere in the room is fair game. Maybe even anywhere in the hotel? Check out this video to learn a few things about INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. Rangoon <– CLICK THERE FOR THE VIDEO! Warning: Some jokes…


Beards and why YOU should have one.

Did you know that just having a beard puts you in the club? Its amazing. I can walk into a room and if there is another bearded man, we are already on the same team. But if there is a bearded woman, we’ll you’ve just walked into a circus, my bearded mate. ‪#‎GetOne‬    


J-Lo and Leah Remini get rammed from behind. **THIS JUST IN**

Its been reported that J-Lo and her girlfriend, Heidi Remini were taken from behind yesterday in Malibu, by an alleged drunk man. The size of the man’s truck was reported as “small” but I’m sure thats just in contrast to the backside of JLo….  ’s car.   On Saturday night, Remini was driving JLo’s new SUV like some kind of Chauffeur while the J-Lo sat in the passenger’s seat  probably hash-tagging. When suddenly, their backside…